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We are now carrying both new and used UFC Ultimate Fighting Championship dvds and videos. We will be constantly adding new selections. So if you are looking for UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship shows, then check our site first so that you can pick something up at a discount price. 

If you are new to the sport of Mixed Martial Arts, our new discount dvd and video selection will be a perfect way for you to build your collection or to check out new fighters.

All of our Ultimate Fighting Championship dvd's and videos are the masters or "store bought" type. We never sell copies or bootlegs.

 All of our new and used dvds and videos come with the original covers or cases unless otherwise noted.

Below you will find a list of Ultimate Fighting Championship events. If we have a video in stock it will be listed in blue. If we have a dvd in stock it will listed in red. To order you can click on the add to cart button below your selection.

We are selling out fast. Faster than we can keep them in stock. If you do not see an add to cart button next to the item you are interested in it means that we don't have it in stock anymore. 

UFC 1 - The Beginning

8 man tournament with Royce Gracie, Ken Shamrock and more .No time limits.

used video - $8.99

used dvd - $11.99


UFC 2 - No Way Out

tournament with Royce Gracie, Patrick Smith and more. Very few rules.

used video - $8.99 

used dvd - $11.99


UFC 3 - The American Dream

8 man tournament with Royce Gracie, Ken Shamrock and Kimo.

new video - $14.99 no shrink wrap

used video - $8.99


UFC 4 - Revenge of The Warriors

Tournament with Royce Gracie, Dan Severn, Ron Van Clief and more.

new video - $14.99 no shrink wrap

used video - $8.99


UFC 5 - The Return of The Beast

Tournament with Dan Severn and Oleg Taktarov. Also Gracie vs. Shamrock.

new video - $14.99 no shrink wrap

used video - $8.99

used dvd - $14.99

UFC 6 - Clash of The Titans

Tournament with Oleg Taktarov and Tank Abbott. Also Severn vs Shamrock.

new video - $14.99

used dvd - $10.99

UFC 7 - The Brawl in Buffalo

Tournament with Marco Ruas and Paul Varelans. also Shamrock vs. Taktarov.

Ultimate Ultimate 1

Tournament with Severn, Taktarov, Abbott, Ruas and more.

used video - $9.99


UFC 8 - David vs Goliath

Tournament with Don Frye and Gary Goodridge. Also Shamrock vs Kimo.

UFC 9 - Motor City Madness

UFC switches to single fight format. 7 fights. Shamrock, Severn, Frye and more

new video - $14.99


UFC 10 - The Tournament

Tournament with Mark Coleman, Don Frye, Gary Goodridge and more.

used video - $9.99


UFC 11 - The Proving Ground

Tournament with Mark Coleman, Tank Abbott and more.

new video - $14.99 no shrink wrap



Ultimate Ultimate 2 

Tournament with Don Frye, Ken Shamrock, Tank Abbott and more.

new video - $7.99 no shrink wrap

UFC 12 - Judgement Day

Tournament with Vitor Belfort, Tra Telligman, Scott Ferrozzo and more.

UFC 13 - The Ultimate Force

Tournament with Tito Ortiz and Guy Mezger. Also Abbott vs. Belfort.

UFC 14 - Showdown

Two mini tournaments with Mark Kerr. Also Maurice Smith vs. Mark Coleman

UFC 15 - Collision Course

Mini Tournament with Mark Kerr. Also Maurice Smith vs. Tank Abbott.

Ultimate Japan 1

Mini tournament with Kazushi Sakuraba, Tank Abbott and more.

UFC 16 - Battle in the Bayou

Mini tournament with Pat Miletich. Also Frank Shamrock, Kimo and more.

UFC 17 - Redemption

Mini Tournament with Dan Henderson. Also Chuck Liddell and more.

Ultimate Brazil

8 single fights. Pedro Rizzo, Vanderlei Silva and more.

UFC 18 - Road to the Heavyweight Title

7 fights. Bas Rutten, Tsuyoshi Kohsaka, Pat Miletich, Pedro Rizzo and more.

new video - $14.99


UFC 19 - Ultimate Young Guns

Tito Ortiz, Chuck Liddel, Kevin Randleman and more.

new video - $14.99


UFC 20 - Battle For the Gold

Bas Rutten, Kevin Randleman, Vanderlei Silva and more.


UFC 21 - Return of the Champions

8 fights. Marco Ruas, Maurice Smith, Pat Miletich and more.

UFC 22 - There Can Only Be 1 Champion

Featuring Matt Hughes, Jens Pulver, Frank Shamrock and more.

UFC 23 - Ultimate Japan 2

With Kevin Randleman, Pedro Rizzo, Pete Williams and more.

UFC 24 - First Defence

With Dave Menne, Fabiano Iha, Shonie Carter and more.

UFC 25 - Ultimate Japan 3

With Tito Ortiz, Vanderlei Silva, Murilo Bustamante and more.

UFC 26 - Ultimate Field of Dreams

8 fights. Kevin Randleman, Pedro Rizzo, Matt Hughes, and Pat Miletich.

UFC 27 - Ultimate Bad Boys 

Pedro Rizzo, Dan Severn, Maurice Smith, Jeff Monson and more.

UFC 28 - High Stakes

Randy Couture, Kevin Randleman, Josh Barnett and more.

UFC 29 - Defense of the Belts

Tito Ortiz, Pat Miletich, Chuck Liddell, Matt Lindland and more.

UFC 30 - Battle on the Boardwalk

8 fights featuring Josh Barnett, Tito Ortiz Phil Baroni and more.

UFC 31 - Locked and Loaded

8 fights Randy Couture, Matt Lindland, Carlos Newton, BJ Penn, Chuck Liddell.

UFC 32 - Showdown in the Meadowlands

8 fights BJ Penn, Josh Barnett, Ricco Rodriguez, Andrei Arlovski.


UFC 33 Victory in Vegas 

With Chuck Liddel, Tito Ortiz, Jens Pulver, Matt Serra ... and more

UFC 34 - High Voltage

Randy Couture vs Pedro Rizzo, plus BJ Penn, Josh Barnett ...

UFC 35 - Throwdown

BJ Penn vs Jens Pulver, plus Chuck Liddell, Kevin Randleman ...

UFC 36 - Worlds Collide

Josh Barnett vs Randy Couture, Matt Hughes vs Hayato Sakurai ...

UFC 37 - High Impact

Featuring Matt Lindland, BJ Penn, Phil Baroni, Robbie Lawler ...

UFC 37.5 - As Real As It Gets

Vitor Belfort vs Chuck Liddel, plus Yves Edwards, Nick Serra ... and more

UFC 38 - Brawl In The Hall

Matt Hughes vs Carlos Newton plus Genki Sudo, Frank Mir ...

UFC 39 - The Warriors Return

Ricco Rodriguez vs Randy Couture, plus Tim Sylvia, BJ Penn, Phil Baroni ...

UFC - 40 Vendetta

Tito Ortiz vs Ken Shamrock, plus Chuck Liddell, Matt Hughes, Carlos Newton ...

UFC 41 - Onslaught

Tim Sylvia vs Ricco Rodriguez, plus Tank Abbott, Phil Baroni ... and more

UFC 42 - Sudden Impact

Including Matt Hughes vs Sean Sherk, Genki Sudo, Rich Franklin  ...

UFC 43 - Meltdown

Chuck Liddell vs Randy Couture #1, plus  Tank Abbott, Kimo Leopoldo ...

used dvd - $10.99

used 2 pack 43 and 44 dvds - $13.99




UFC 44 - Undisputed

With Randy Couture vs Tito Ortiz, Tim Sylvia, Andrei Arlovski, Rich Franklin ...

used dvd - $10.99


UFC 45 - Revolution

Matt Hughes vs Frank Trigg, Matt Lindland, Pedro Rizzo ...

used dvd - $9.99


UFC 46 - Supernatural

 Vitor Belfort vs Randy Couture #2, BJ Penn vs Matt Hughes #1 ... and more

used dvd -$10.99

used 2 pack 45 and 46 dvds - $13.99


UFC 47 - It's On 

Including Chuck Liddell vs Tito Ortiz #1, Genki Sudo, Andrei Arlovski ...

used dvd has scratches but plays perfect  -$7.99



UFC 48 - Payback

Ken Shamrock vs Kimo Leopoldo #2, plus Frank Trigg, Matt Hughes ...

used dvd - $9.99


UFC 49 - Unfinished Business

Vitor Belfort vs Randy Couture #3, Chuck Liddell, Karo Parysian ... 

used dvd - $10.99



UFC 50 - The War of '04

Featuring Matt Hughes vs Georges St. Pierre #1, Tito Ortiz, Rich Franklin ...

used dvd -$10.99



UFC 51 - Super Saturday

Tito Ortiz vs Vitor Belfort,  Andrei Arlovski vs Tim Silvia #1 ...

used dvd - $10.99



UFC 52 - Couture vs. Liddell

Randy Couture vs Chuck Liddell #2, Georges St. Pierre, Matt Hughes ...

used dvd - $10.99



UFC 53 - Heavy Hitters

Forrest Griffin, Rich Franklin, Andrei Arlovski, Matt Serra ... and more

used dvd - $10.99


UFC 54 - Boiling Point

Chuck Liddel vs Jeremy Horn, plus Tim Sylvia, Randy Couture, Diego Sanchez ...

used dvd - $9.99


UFC 55 - Fury

Including Forrest Griffin, Andrei Arlovski, Renato Sobral, Paul Buentello

used dvd - $9.99



UFC 56 - Full Force

Rich Franklin, Georges St Pierre, Sean Sherk, Jeremy Horn and more.

used dvd - $9.99

UFC 57 - Liddell vs. Couture 3

Chuck Liddell vs Randy Couture 3, Jeff Monson, Frank Mir...

NEW dvd - $15.99


UFC 58 - USA vs. Canada

George St Pierre vs BJ Penn, Rich Franklin, David Loiseau ...

used dvd 2 disc - $11.99


UFC 59 - Reality Check

Tim Sylvia vs Andrei Arlovski 2, Tito Ortiz vs Forrest Griffen ...

used dvd - $10.99

UFC 60 - Hughes vs. Gracie

Royce Gracie vs Matt Hughes, Diego Sanchez, Mike Swick and more.

used dvd - $10.99

UFC 61 - Bitter Rivals

Andrei Arlovski vs Tim Sylvia 3, Tito Ortiz vs. Ken Shamrock 2. ...

used dvd - 11.99

UFC 62 - Liddell vs. Sobral

Chuck Liddell vs Renato Sobral, Forrest Griffen vs Stephan Bonnar 2. ...

used dvd - $11.99


UFC 63 - Hughes vs. Penn

Matt Hughes vs BJ Penn 2, Mike Swick, Jens Pulver and more.

used dvd - 11.99


UFC 64 - Unstoppable 

Anderson Silva vs Rich Franklin, Sean Sherk vs Kenny Florian. ...

used dvd - 11.99


UFC 65 - Bad Intentions

Georges St Pierre vs Matt Hughes 2, Tim Sylvia vs Jeff Monson ...

used dvd - 11.99


UFC 66 - Liddell vs. Ortiz 2

Chuck Liddel vs Tito Ortiz 2, Chris Leben, Forrest Griffen.

used dvd - 11.99


UCF 67 - All or Nothing

Mirko Crocop, Quinton Jackson, Anderson Silva and more.


UFC Ultimate Knockouts 1&2

Tank, Pulver, Penn, Rizzo, Liddel, Baroni and lots more 26 fights on 1 disc

used dvd - 12.99


Ultimate Knockouts 3

The case has a crack in it and the disc is slightly scratched but plays fine.

used dvd - $8.99



Ultimate Knockouts 4

Liddel, Arlovski, Buentello, Diaz, st pierre, Trigg and lots more 22 fights. 

used dvd - $12.99




Ultimate Iceman

Collectors edition Chuck Liddel dvd with special features.

used dvd - $14.99



Ultimate Submissions

BJ Penn, Frank Shamrock, Pat Miletech and more 23 fights.

used dvd - $11.99



Ultimate Shamrock

Ken commentates on this video as you watch his fights. 

new video - $14.99


Ultimate Fighting Championship Ultimate Fighting Championship  UFC Hits Volume 1

Best Battles in UFC history. 32 fights. lightly scratched but plays fine.

used dvd - $9.99




The Ultimate Fighter Season 1

used 5-disc box set -$19.99

Coaches - Randy Couture and Chuck Liddel

Fighters - Forrest Griffin, Stephan Bonnar, Diego Sanchez, Kenny Florian and more.


The Ultimate Fighter Season 2

used 5-disc box set - $19.99

Coaches - Rich Franklin and Matt Hughes

Fighters - Joe Stevenson, Luke cummo, Rashad Evens, Brad Imes, Seth Petruzelli and more.


The Ultimate Fighter Season 3

used 3-disc box set - $19.99

Coaches - Tito Ortiz and Ken Shamrock

Fighters - Kendall Grove, Ed Herman, Michael Bisbing, Josh Haynes, Matt Hamill, Rory Singer,  Kalib Starnes and more.


The Ultimate Fighter Season 4

used 5-disc box set - $22.99

There are no coaches this season.

Fighters - Matt Serra, Chris Lydle, Shonie Carter, Patrick Cote, Travis Lutter and more.

The Ultimate Fighter Season 5

Coaches - BJ Penn and Jens Pulver

Fighters - Nate Diaz, Gray Maynard, Manny Gamburyan, Joe Lauzon and more.

The Ultimate Fighter Season 6

Coaches - Matt Serra and Matt Hughes

Fighters - Mac Danzig, Tommy Spear, George Sotiropoulos, Matt Arroyo and more.

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