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Below you can find a selection of new and used VIDEOS and DVD's. We will be carrying lots of different Mixed Martial Arts events like Extreme Fighting, King of The Cage, Super Brawl and more. We do still have vhs VIDEOS in stock so if it's a DVD you are looking for, be sure we have that selection in dvd before ordering. if you do not see an add to cart button for an item it means that it is currently not in stock. All of our titles are the factory originals. We would never sell bootlegs or copies.


 Extreme Fighting 1 - $8.99

USED VIDEO Great extreme fighting in three different weight classes with Sperry, Conan, Gracie and more. This was my original copy.

 Extreme Fighting 2  - $8.99

USED VIDEO Battlecades extreme fighting 2. Like the first, great fights in multiple weight classes. A classic mixed martial arts event.

Extreme Fighting Ultimate Collection -$19.99

USED DVD Battlecade Exreme Fighting 1 and 2 in a two dvd set. Early classic MMA that all fight fans should have.


Super Brawl Show Down - $7.99

 USED DVD Superbrawl Showdown. 9 fights Egan Inoue, John Allesio, Baret Yoshida, Falaniko Vitale and more.

Super Brawl Icon - $7.99

USED DVD Superbrawl Icon. 9 fights Robbie Lawler, Falaniko Vitale, Jason Mayhem Miller, K.J.Noons and more.

Havoc in Honolulu - $7.99

USED DVD Super Brawl Havoc in Honolulu volume 1. 4 fights Leonard Carter, Pat Matsuda, John Matua, Bob Gilstrap and more.


Hook N Shoot Revolution 1 - $8.99

USED DVD Exciting all female Mixed Martial Arts Fighting. Includes seven fights plus extras.

Hook N Shoot Revolution 2 - $19.99

Hook N Shoot Revolution 3 - $19.99


Rickson Gracie Choke  = $14.99

USED VIDEO Behind the scenes of Japans Vale Tudo fight tournament. Interviews and training footage of the fighters as well as great fight footage. A must have for Rickson Gracie fans.

Super Brawl Ultimate - $9.99

USED DVD This action packed dvd has eight fights including Rich Franklin, Tim Sylvia, Wes Sims and more.

The Best of ADCC vol. 2  - $11.99

USED DVD The Abu Dhabi Combat Club's Submission Wrestling World Championships Volume 2. 10 matches featuring Nogueira, Bustamante, Arona, Tito Ortiz, Royler and Rodrigo Gracie, and Carlos and Jean Jacques Machado.


New King Of The Cage Cold Blood - $9.99

NEW VIDEO This new video has eleven fights including Daniel Bobbish, Eric Pele, Dean Lister and more.

New Best of King Of The Cage  -  $9.99

NEW VIDEO This new video has twelve fights including Bobby Hoffman, Phillip Miller, Duane Ludwig, Shungo Oyama and more.

King Of The Cage 10 event set - $15.99

USED DVD King Of The Cage 10 program set with 101 fights lasting 20 hours. KOTC events 1-8 plus KOTC Greatest Hits and The Life in The Cage Documentary.


Icon Sport - $10.99

USED DVD Icon sport present Jason Mayhem Miller vs. Niko Vitale. Ten fights.

WEC the hitmen - $10.99

USED DVD  WEC the hitmen. 11 fights in tribute to Ryan Bennett. 2 disc wide screen edition.

Super Brawl 4  - $9.99

USED VIDEO This two video set has seven great Mixed Martial Arts fights. Only watched twice by us here at Fight Products.


Gracie Jiu-Jitsu in Action - $19.99

USED VIDEO This is the first original Gracies in action tape. It still has its price tag with its original price of $59.95

Gracie Jiu-Jitsu in Action 1 - $19.99

USED VIDEO The first Gracies in action. It is an hour long. A collection of matches pitting Gracie Jiu-jitsu against other styles of martial arts. Also has rare footage of grand master Helio Gracie from the fifties.

Gracie Jiu-Jitsu in Action 2 - $19.99

USED VIDEO The second Gracies in action tape. It is an hour long. A collection of no holds barred fights between Gracie Jiu Jitsu and a variety of other martial arts. Narrated by Rorion Gracie.



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