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We are now carrying both new and used boxing dvds and videos. We will be constantly adding new selections so add us to your favorites list and come back often. All of our titles are the factory originals we would never sell bootlegs or copies. We do still have some vhs VIDEOS in stock so if you are looking for a DVD be sure you do not accidentally order a VIDEO.



Mike Tyson 2-Disc set - $29.99

NEW DVD Includes over 4 hours of classic Tyson fights from his 1985 pro debut to his 1990 Douglas fight. 19 fights plus interviews with Mike Tyson. This dvd is brand new

Muhammad Ali The Greatest - $11.99

NEW DVD This new dvd tells the story of his ups and downs in and out of the ring. Also features some other great heavyweight champions of the 20th century.


New Walk It Of George - $9.99

NEW DVD George Foreman's walking workout lets you get lean, firm and toned doing innovative power walking with punches and boxing moves. Indoors or out.



Muhammad Ali The Greatest - $11.99

NEW DVD A film starring Ali himself. After snatching the title from Liston, Cassius Clay coverts to Islam and changes his name to Ali. He then loses his title for not fighting in Vietnam. Winning a three and a half year court battle, Ali returns to the ring. 

Muhammad Ali Through The Eyes Of The World - $11.99

NEW DVD Presents an unparalleled, celebrity-filled tribute to Ali and how his fight for glory in the ring transformed him into an international hero. Special features include fight chronology, unseen interviews and more.

Muhammad Ali - Skill, Brains & Guts video - $11.99

NEW VIDEO Skills Brains and Guts chronicles the rise, the fall and the second coming of Cassius Clay. Footage of bouts as well as pre and post fight interviews with Ali. 


Ten and counting  - $11.99

NEW VIDEO This new ESPN video brings you the best moments from ten knockout years of ESPN boxing. 


Greatest Knockouts in History - $9.99

USED VIDEO The Art of The Punch - Greatest Knockouts of all time. The best moments in 19 of boxing's greatest fights. 

Jack Dempsey video - $9.99

USED VIDEO 45 minutes. Tracks the Manassa Mauler from his Luis Firpo fight to his two losses to Gene Tunney. Includes the famous long count.


The Joe Louis Story  - $9.99

NEW DVD This biographical movie tells the story of Joe Louis rising from poverty and becoming known as the Brown Bomber Heavyweight Champion of the World. Cover may differ.

 Joe Lewis/ The Ring  - $11.99

NEW DVD Get two new movies for one low price. The Joe Louis Story and The Ring. The Ring is about a young boxer in east Los Angeles who is trying to make a better life.

Joe Lewis/ Jackie Robinson - $9.99

NEW DVD This new dvd has two movies. The Joe Lewis Story and The Jackie Robinson Story. This vintage film biography of Jackie Robinson traces his career from the negro leagues to the majors.



Mike Tyson The Inside Story - $9.99

USED VIDEO This story offers insight into Tyson's relationships and dealings. Interviews with Cus D'Amato and former managers and traininers. Also lots of fight footage.

The Greatest Pound 4 Pound - $9.99

USED VIDEO Includes highlights from great fights and includes in depth analysis of the careers of Ali, Robinson, Duran, Marciano and more.

Boxing Instructionals

Check out our new Instructional dvd page to see what we have in stock

Boxing and Martial Arts Instructional DVD's

Title Boxing Instructional


Roy Jones Jr 2 dvd set - $14.99

NEW DVD You get 2 dvd's. Roy Jones Jr's Power Shots and Roy Jones Jr's Greatest Knockouts. One case has a slight crack under the shrink wrap.

Norton vs Holmes - $15.99

NEW DVD Ken Norton vs Larry Holmes 15 rounds of boxing. "One of the greatest heavyweight bouts of all time" This dvd is new but is not shrink wrapped.

The Joe Lewis/Lou Gehrig Story -$11.99

NEW DVD Get two new movies for one low price. The Joe Louis Story and The Lou Gehrig Story. 


The Joe Lewis Story - $5.99

USED VIDEO This biographical movie tells the story of Joe Louis rising from poverty and becoming known as the Brown Bomber Heavyweight Champion of the World.



Grandes Peleas vol 5 -$14.99

NEW DVD Grandes Peleas vol 5

 Roberto Duran vs Thomas Hearns 

Ricardo Lopez vs Rosendo Alvarez

Humberto Gonzalas vs Michael Carbajal


Boxing's Greatest knockouts - $6.99

USED VIDEO "Highlights from the greatest fights of the 20th century" 30 min. including Muhammed Ali, Leon Spinks, Joe Frazier, Joe Lewis, Rocky Graziano, Sugar Ray Leonard and more.




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